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On April 27th, WECT news aired “The Life: Prostitution on Your Streets.” While Project NO REST’s primary focus is on the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children, we found this hour-long special very relevant to our work. See our takeaway quotes and watch it for yourself!
  1. Our next 10 posts will be our top 10 ten takeaway quotes from @wectnews‘s “The Life: Prostitution on Your Streets” documentary
  2. “I don’t think the people seeing us realize we have stories, too” – a former prostitute on @wectnews‘s “The Life” #endtrafficking
  3. “The question is, what leads to that exploitation?” hear from Lindsey Roberson, former Asst. DA, and more in @wectnews “The Life”
  4. Prostitution isn’t always a choice: “It all goes back to the issues that got us where we are, that put us in that situation.” –@wectnews
  5. On prostitution in NC: “If you could describe this whole thing in one word, what would that be?” “Dangerous.” –@wectnews, “The Life”
  6. On the dangers of seeking help: “We’re gonna become the bad guy in the scenario, so there’s no point in calling the cops,” –@wectnews
  7. “To say that ‘it’s not harming anyone’ is the biggest lie.” Hear directly from sexually exploited women in @wectnews‘ “The Life”
  8. When pimps become traffickers: “If you take someone out of their environment, you can control them a lot easier” –@wectnews‘ “The Life”
  9. From Alexa (pseudonym), former prostitute: “No, I don’t ever want to go back, ever.” Hear her story and others in @wectnews‘ “The Life”
  10. “You go to jail and you go home in 45 days and nothing has been done…you didn’t get [any] help…” (1/2) –@wectnews‘ “The Life”
  11. “…you go out to the same situation you just left , so you really have no other choice than to go back to doing what you were doing.” (2/2)
  12. “We are human.” Hear from sexually exploited women here in NC, @wectnews‘ “The Life: Prostitution on Your Streets” …
  13. What can I do? Know numbers like A Safe Place’s (@girlsRnot4sale) toll free anonymous hotline where help is readily available: 855-723-7529

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