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We are committed to making the answers to questions that we receive available to anyone through our website.

Feel free to submit questions to Dean Duncan (PI) at


Q: I would like to involve foster children who may have aged out of care. How do I contact Strong Able Bodied Youth Speaking Out (SAYSO)?

A: The email address for SAYSO is:

Q: If my county DSS is the lead agency, the proposal to become a pilot site will need to be reviewed and approved by the county commissioners. Does the DSS have to be the lead agency? The DSS plans to play a major role in the anti-trafficking effort.

A: The county DSS does not have to be the lead agency on the proposal to be a pilot site. A local non-profit, such as the Child Advocacy Center or anti-trafficking organization, can serve as the lead agency.

Q: How do I know if other organizations in my area are interested?

See the list of organizations that attended our meeting as well as the resources identified in our environmental scan here.

Q: The chief of police in our city says she will sign a letter of support but before she does, she wants to know what she and her department will be required to do. What are the requirements?

A: Members of the collaborative network, such as your police department, are expected to participate in discussions on how to address the trafficking of youth in your community. All participants in the initiative should participate in ongoing discussions and planning to develop policies and procedures to prevent trafficking, to engage youth who have been trafficked as well as those at risk of being trafficked, to participate in and support a trauma-informed screening and assessment process, and assist in necessary and appropriate in providing long term support care to youth who have been trafficked.

Q: What level of detail is required in our budget?

A: The draft budget you submit with your application should indicate how your partnership would like to spend the funds for anti-trafficking infrastructure and implementation. If the Governor’s Crime Commission (GCC) approves our funding request, project staff, and possibly staff from the GCC will work with you to develop a budget that specifies how funds will be spent in accordance with community priorities and within the requirements of the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA).

We will work together to finalize budgets after we select the pilot sites. A general description of how you intend to spend the money (i.e. how much will be allocated for different types of expenditures) will be sufficient for the proposal.

Q. Will the NC LINKS program be utilizing  “My Life, My Choice”  curriculum for training purposes?  

A. We are recommending that the curriculum be provided through LINKS, but no final decision has been made.


Q. We  are having a problem identifying a lead agency that can handle the financial aspects of the grant; potential organizations won’t have time to get the proposed collaboration on their agendas and approved in time. Does this mean we cannot apply?

A. The committee reviewing applications will review all proposals on their merits. If a site is selected based on the proposal, it is possible to work out the details for the budget and logistical financial details later.